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Find in-depth Reviews of the Latest 4k TVs, Cameras, Monitors, Projectors and More. Its got the cubed design that weve seen Blackmagic and Arri release;however, its specs dont match either of those: Super 35mm CMOS Sensor (Confirmed to beC100 Mk IIsensor) 1920 x 1080 and1280 x 720, up to 60 FPS EF Lens Mount 12-Stop Dynamic Range ISO up to 204,800 ND and IR Filters 2x, 4x, 8x Digital Teleconverter HD/3G-SDI and HDMI Connectors It's basically a well-connected sensor Blackmagic Blackmagics Micro Cinema Camerabrings ProRes/RAW video into a small package, aiming to become a high end GoPro. This acc it's for robotic TV cameras in studios AND the more important market a lot of people don't know about: industrial use! like steel constructions or products build on assembly lines and the robots. HomeFstoppers Originals Can Anybody Tell Us What Canon's New Super-35 Camera Is For? 0 0 by Stephen Kampff April 17, 2016 17 Comments Canon has announced a hilariously boring and ambiguous camera, just in time for NAB:the ME200S-SH (catchy, right?). Yi delivers on 1080p with clean, clear video quality and a 130-degree wide-angle view. The Arlo Q offers free cloud storage instead of local storage like the Yi 2. Pros 4K video quality98 ft. Categories US&Politics Laws&Immigration Biz&Economy Life&Culture Tech Entertainment YouTube News Sports Categories About us Privacy Policy Contact us Topics Jobs Latin Post Style Guide Follow Us Facebook Twitter Google + RSS . BGR reportswith large-sized HDTVs being all the craze this holiday season, the electronics giant is boasting several of the best deals on flat panels of 49 inches and up anyone will be able to find anywhere, no matter where they shop. When 8k tvs arrive, image quality will be the least of the concerns. Lets see a legit dslr for <2gs asap! Otherwise I am switching to Panasonic!!!!! 0 0 Spy Black - April 17, 2016 "Can Anybody Tell Us What Canon's New Super-35 Camera Is For?" Suckers. 10, 2014 - 12:56PM JST By the time 8k's become "accessible", they will be OLED and be as big as a normal room would allow (to take advantage of the resolution), thus reaching the limits on size. 11, 2014 - 05:47AM JST Does anyone else see this commercial, with the blossoms blowing through the streets of the town, as an intentional reference back to their earlier HD TV commercial from 5 years ago or so, with all the colorful little balls bouncing through the streets of San Francisco? I'm pretty sure JT even ran a story about it. Canon quit releasing outdated technology! A $3500 5d mark iv is not the answer. In the case of Netflix, its 4K streaming broadcasts are already available and have been since April of 2014, while Amazon Primes service is imminently due for delivery to select brands of Ultra HD TVs.

0 NolivingApr. Not to detract from the technical achievement of 4K, or the ultimate limit of human vision, after that, what would be the point? Certainly 4K must nearly approach the eye's capacity to perceive differences above a certain resolution. I think it still will be cheaper than canon 0 0 Jeff Jones - April 17, 2016 [Edited] It really seems to me like most of Canon's "experimental category" releases have been aimed at their competition from a couple years ago. Calculating storage space gets tricky because its not exactly apples to apples. Variables like frames per second (fps) and codeccompression/decompression of digital files can drastically change the size of a digital file. Arri Arris Alexa Miniis aimed at people who are already shooting Arriand dont want to use a third party camera for specialized gimbal ordrone shots. 0 0 Anthony Maw - April 18, 2016 12 stops dynamic range puts it on par with Eastman ECN-II colour negative motion picture film. Then again an Atomos mounted on top would easily work I'd say! 0 0 Martin Van Londen - April 17, 2016 Stephen Kampff Ok so yeah drones are out. Resolution 4K video has almost four times the pixels as full HD 1080p, which means four times better picture quality. Furthermore, companies such as Samsung and Sony are also creating (at least in Sonys case thanks to its media arm Sony Studios) or delivering their own 4K selections to their TVs as part of the overall package these entertainment sets come with. 10, 2014 - 01:56PM JST I can go outside and see the real thing. The Netgear Arlo Q is great for cloud users who want a little added security. They're not going for picture quality at that ISO range surely! 2 0 Follow Fstoppers Featured Tutorials Fstoppers OriginalNew Photography and Photoshop Photography 101: How to Use Your Digital Camera and Edit Photos in Photoshop Fstoppers OriginalNew Architectural Photography Mike Kelley's Where Art Meets Architecture 2 Fstoppers OriginalNew Swimwear Photography Joey Wright: Swimwear Photography - Lighting, Posing, and Retouching Fstoppers OriginalNew Cityscape Photography Photographing the World: Cityscape, Astrophotography, and Advanced Post-Processing Support Fstoppers Trending Leica Announces the M10 Three Common Misconceptions Photographers Have About Histograms Fstoppers Reviews: The Platypod Pro Max Camera Support Is Kate Middleton the Newest Mom-tographer? edelkrone QuickRelease One: A Solution to the Mounting Plates Chaos Why I Can't Love the Fujifilm X-Pro2 Discussion Groups Underwater World Nikon Users Bhutanese Photographer Architectural Photography . However, the HIS also warns that Pay-TV broadcasters might not actually own the opportunity that revolves around 4K in the same way they owned content distribution opportunities when HD came out. I bet this would. All Rights Reserved.. 4K: Understanding the difference Advertisers focus on resolution (picture quality) because thats the big shiny attraction for HD video. bb4f9be48f
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